About us

Health Fitness Studios LTD came up with a one-purpose solution to all of your health needs called the Ring Of Wellness. A specialist app designed by a group of health savvy users. Which makes maintaining your well-being easier than ever. We were born out of the need for a method to tackle the ongoing health issues happening worldwide…

Mission Statement

Through our user-centric platform, we strive to provide a range of resources, tools, and support that enable individuals to make informed choices and achieve their health goals. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to lead a healthy and fulfilling life, and we are committed to creating an environment that fosters personal growth, resilience, and overall well-being.

B2B Workplace Wellness

With Ring of Wellness, we are addressing several key issues related to health and well-being. Our comprehensive corporate wellness program aims to provide large to medium-sized companies and their staff members with a solution that tackles the following challenges:

30 Days Workout Challenge

Ring of wellness 30 days challenge gets our users to push themselves to the nest level of fitness, you can enter as a team or an individual, socialise with other challengers in our private members area

Free Music Streaming

Access our Music playlist, millions of tracks at your fingertips track and download your favourite songs as your working out with the ring of wellness app.

Video Chat

Chat to friends and family via Ring of Wellness’ audio and video chat functionality. This feature uses the latest technology to connect you to your favourite people. There are also one-to-one or group chat options within the app.

Meal & Workout Planner

looking for a simple, long-term solution,to loose gain or maintain weight our meal/workout planner may be right for you. Our program will allow you to create customized keto meal plans made specifically to your macros. This will scale over 10.000 recipes down to your specific macros and devise a meal and workout plan for you

We also have keto meal plans for users with preexisting conditions, diabetes fatty liver issues PCOC
It’s simple: you choose the food that you like and our system will create the best meal and workout plan for you based on your exact macros. No guesswork and no tracking needed.

Health Specialists

Why not use our video chat feature to get advice from the Ring of Wellness’ health specialists. Professional counsellors, nutritionists and motivators are on hand to provide knowledge, inspiration and guidance directly from the app

Weight Tracker

Daily weight register functionality

✓ main screen calendar with great overview on the logged days
✓ possibility to log your weight for previous dates
✓ copy your previously saved data into the application

How the Ring Of Wellness 30 Day Challenge Works

30 Day Workout Challenge, Which you can enter alone or as a team. Every day you have 7 different exercises for each part of the body each exercises last for just 20 secs , When you’ve completed  your workout you can track  log and monitor your workout and progress. if you want to enter the 30 days challenge contest you can upload your time and points to our system and we’ll place it on our leader board. The challenge is designed to push you to the next level of your fitness regime, giving your body the exercise, it really needs. There is even a private members’ area, where you can socialise with other workout challengers.


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Powerful Features to Help You Reach Your Fitness and Health Goals

Meal Reminder Feature

Meal reminder feature will help you to follow the diet you have chosen, reminding you about eating at the right time. The application will create several reminders and help you track the time of food intake by days, show the days of reception in the calendar.
In the settings you can choose the type of notification that suits you best, simple notifications 

Water Intake

Our water intakefeatures include a water demand calculator to see how much water you actually need. Additionally, it comes with reminders, when to drink more water, we have charts to track your water intake we also have a cloud backup support, so you won’t loose your data

Harness the Power of Intermittent Fasting with Our Tracking Platform

Our app makes it easy to stick to your intermittent fasting schedule with reminders and tracking. You can also see who else in our community is fasting and reach out for support.

Easily Accessible Meal Plans and Recipes When You Need Them

Our food database has thousands of healthy normal and vegan recipes and food items for breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks, complete with full nutritional information for protein, fats and carbs to enable you to make healthier food choices.

Gallery allows you to upload your favourites meals images from your phone, you can also store all meal and recipes in diary feature.