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Benefits of Fasting

Losing weight takes a lot of time, effort, and dedication. There’s no shortcut to effective weight loss. One of the best weight loss techniques that have taken the world by storm is intermittent fasting. However, practicing intermittent fasting can be confusing for many people. 


They need some in-house health advisors to learn how to practice intermittent fasting properly. Therefore, the Ring of Wellness App offers the perfect solution to smooth and effective intermittent fasting. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of fasting and how this app helps you on your journey to a healthy life. 

  • Weight Loss

The main benefit of intermittent fasting is supporting weight loss. This technique works by eating during a set time frame, and you don’t eat anything apart from those fixed hours. This allows you to consume limited calories and increases your metabolism as well. The most common fasting technique is the 16/8 technique, where people eat for eight hours and fast for 16 hours.


 However, it can become difficult to keep track of your eating window, which is where the Ring of Wellness app comes in. It helps you record your eating and fasting periods and ensure that you consume food within the eating window. Furthermore, you will also find a support group within the app to keep you motivated to work towards your goals. 

  • Hormone Balancing 

Intermittent fasting helps to balance various hormones such as insulin. Insulin regulation plays a key role in supporting fat burning. Furthermore, it also increases the production of the Human Growth Hormone of HGH. This facilitates optimal muscle development and also helps to burn fat. 

  • Final Word 

Intermittent fasting is an excellent way to lose weight, and the Ring of Wellness app has several features that help you to fast in the best way possible. Moreover, the app also offers a 30-day challenge that motivates users to achieve their fitness goals by announcing three winners every month. The winners get various gym equipment and a free subscription to the app. 


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