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Importance of Daily Water Intake

Water is essential for life as no living being can survive without water, be it plants, animals or humans. The typical water recommendation for all humans is around six to eight water glasses per day. This is the least number of glasses you should have, and it only keeps increasing depending upon your body weight or physical activity levels. 

However, due to our busy routines, we often forget to drink enough water, which leads to various health complications. Therefore, we need to ensure optimal hydration, and the Ring of Wellness app has the best features for keeping track of your daily water intake. Read on to learn more about them. 

  • Flushing Out of Toxins

Our body is constantly producing various toxins, and they need to be flushed out. Toxin accumulation in your body can lead to various harmful diseases, which is why you need to have at least six glasses of water a day to enjoy good health. 

  • Weight Loss 

Drinking water is also beneficial for losing weight. There are many times when our body confuses thirst as the signal for hunger. Therefore, you should always have a glass of water when you feel hungry, and if you still feel hungry, you should eat. 

Drinking water before meals also keeps you full for a longer time, leading to reduced calorie intake. According to their requirements, the Ring of Wellness app calculates the glasses of water needed by different people. It also helps you keep track of the number of glasses you’ve had in a day. 

  • High Energy Levels

Drinking enough water also maintains high energy levels and prevents exhaustion or fatigue. 

  • Final Word 

Drinking enough water is essential for retaining optimal health. The Ring of Wellness app has the best features to keep you updated with your hydration levels throughout the day. The app also offers exciting prizes to people who stay focused on their goals and win the 30-day fitness challenge.

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