Ring Of Wellness


Our aim is to put the power back into the hands of users to take charge of their own Health and wellness journey. To tackle the ongoing health crisis that effects our communities head on. We want to find healthy solutions to health problems like obesity and general pre-existing conditions through an accessible-to-all platform that puts your recovery at the forefront.
Completely streamlining the process of getting healthy and giving a one, all-purpose solution to all your health needs. Not only that but to provide a tight-knit community to empower and inspire you to be your best. We strive to help people worldwide tackle their most bothersome health ailments through a user-friendly approach to getting fit. Ultimately eliminating the need for multiple apps and subscriptions. Instead opting for a solves-all approach to personal wellbeing.
We created an multi-purpose app that tracks your health, fitness and eating habits, lists all the nutritional information of the food you choose to eat, provides you a support health specialists there to give guidance and advice
We have a multitude of apps that can be used to do everything from organizing our fitness regimes to tracking our eating habits. The problem is though, there is no one-stop solution that puts them all under one roof. It can become challenging to keep track of every responsibility when we need to constantly flick between apps and keep our information on separate platforms. Ring of Wellness wanted to change this