It's Time to take charge of your Health and Fitness, Let The Ring of Wellness app help you to live a more active live

Hundreds of healthy and tasty recipes huge food database millions of food items containing nutritional Information Inc. Calories, fat, carbs and protein, nutrients content.
Track your activities and what you eat with the help
of our food-, exercise- and water trackers to maintain
a balanced everyday
Ring of wellness nutritional detailed information allowing to track< monitor and
log all meals
Check our Intermittent fasting feature which monitors eating patterns that allows predetermined periods in a day.
Life scores each week
what’s gone well
and how you can improve.
Our Professional team of counsellors and nutritionists will provide support motivation.
Simple tracking of meals including (barcode scanning) exercises habits, weight and body measurements.
Favourites – Save your favourite food, exercises,
meals and recipes
Access our Music playlist, millions of tracks at your fingertips track and download your favourite songs as your working out with the ring of wellness app
Ring of wellness 30 days challenge gets our users to push themselves to the nest level of fitness, you can enter as a team or an individual, socialise with other challengers in our private members area

AND Much More Features

Track Nutrients Carbs And Proteins

Want to eat less sugar? Trying to curb the carbs? Ring of wellness  tracks sugar, carbs, protein, fat, saturated fat, salt and fiber – as well as calories. Choose what is important to you and customize your food diary. Keep track via the App.


Our latest App automatically tracks your activity so it’s already in your diary when you open the Ring of wellness motivates users to reach their health and fitness goals by tracking your activity exercise weight and more Track your steps using iPhone’s built-in ‘Motion & Fitness’ tracker (requires iPhone 5S or later). Sync activity and workout data from your fitbit .

Meal Planner

For someone to stick to an eating plan for longer than a few weeks, it has to be down to them to decide and control what eat. We believe that knowledge is power.

The ring of wellness app is brilliant for keeping track of your diet on the go, but to get insight into your eating habits, you need the website as well. It has four ways to view your food diary, plus food reports and graphs to help you understand your eating patterns better and change your behaviour. If you need guidance on making better food choices, there are tips on what to eat. Plus a great feature called ‘Food Triggers’ to help with emotional eating. 

Members Area

Members who use our message boards, communicate with other Ring of wellness  users post their results have more success losing weight. It’s probably a combination of reporting back on your diet progress, getting lots of encouragement, and knowing that you are helping others too. All of this is very motivating.


A healthy immune system is something we take for granted most of the time.its working all day every day to protect our body from unwanted invaders and potentially harmful pathogens – and we’re blissfully unaware!

As a thanks for its hard work, why not give it a helping hand? Eating a variety of nutrient rich foods – especially fruits and vegetables – is the best way to support your immune system. 

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