Ring Of Wellness

Our story starts with a tale of survival. Not so long ago a close friend of ours was diagnosed with first stage cancer. Lucky enough it was caught early and he had a good relationship with his doctor who told him, First clean up your diet, cut down on the fast food eat more fruits & vegetable, cut down on sodas drink more water and do more exercise, but the most important thing our friend was told by his doctor, was to have a positive outlook. This I feel gave him control in his recovery plan, adamant that simply changing his lifestyle and diet would improve his condition. We were worried for his wellbeing and unsure whether avoiding medical treatment was the best choice. However, after a year of eating healthy and maintaining a steady fitness routine, sure enough he was back to health, and cancer free. He said change of diet, exercise and having a positive outlook was key to his recovery. This incident really began to make us question our own health habits. Are we all really doing enough to keep our health in check?and protect ourselves from these threatening conditions?